Incredible history in our back yard!

Now that you’re here, take in the sites! Unique to the region is Mesa Verde National Park, the only national park dedicated to people and history instead of the natural beauty of rocks, trees and waterfalls. Mesa Verde is 55 thousand acres!

Close up of Cliff Palace, cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National ParkPlease plan an entire day to sample these fascinating pages of history from about 500AD to 1300AD and then the “discovery” by cowboys in the late1800’s. We still don’t know why the Anasazi (Ancestoral Puebloans) left this wonderful high desert land: reoccurring & severe drought, limited creeks, consumed resources, the messages in the sky …… you’ll have to visit to hear the whole story as it is understood today.

Four significant cliff dwellings are open in summer; fewer the remainder of the year, but always an opportunity to get close to history. The Anasazi Heritage Center near Dolores is perfect for children and folks with less time than a full day in the park.

Finally, as you plan your vacation, family gathering, quiet getaway, or wedding party / honeymoon, think about the memories you are creating! Our sites have many additional links to activities and vendors. Please check us out. And we’ll offer one reminder. We hear it from guests year after year: “I wish we had planned one more day in the Mancos Valley!”

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