Compare us to a hotel – we win hands down!

* B&Bs are for the honeymoon! But that’s only the beginning. Families and pets are welcome at many. And for those who cannot disconnect from work (although we hope you can), FREE internet access to keep you plugged in. And as you plan the adventures of your stay touring Mesa Verde, the Durango train, a horseback ride and local phone calls are FREE.

* ASK – advice is FREE and plentiful – we like to talk! Want to find out more about the local activities and attractions? This is our home and we consider ourselves “up” on the local things to do and see. What’s more, we like to talk about them. And we often have advice that can increase your enjoyment or save you some cash (e.g. take the Durango-Silverton train ONE way and the bus the other).

* At a B&B in rural America — FREE parking. In cities, you expect to pay for parking your car. In Mancos you can park in front of the restaurant when you stop for dinner, in front of the art co-op for shopping and no parking meters!

* Many motels and hotels offer continental breakfast, which is likely to be only a part of your breakfast choices at a B&B. We are your cooks, and our job is to discover what works best for you. What adventure are you planning tomorrow, and therefore what time do we need to have breakfast ready for you? What allergies or health issues affect the menu? Give us guidance and we’ll get busy in the kitchen.

* No need to feel lonesome — some of us “share” our pets to make this stay feel like home. Did you have to leave your pet at home? If you are not a pet person, we won’t convert you; there is space away from the furry part of our families.

* Resources for fun, entertainment, having a better experience in the Four Corners: a collection of Mesa Verde, Native American, art & archeology books, brochures, maps, videos, a whole library of paperback books, a wide range of music CDs — board games, puzzles and playing cards. Settle in on a sofa and relax. We can share what we have learned since arriving in SW Colorado, but we promise not to intrude on your space and privacy. Come! Sample a rural B&B, and add a valuable experience to your travels.

* Experience the properties! Many are more than a building with rooms. We have gardens, fishing, hiking, canoeing. Check out the birds and wildlife in these rural settings.

Sundance Bear Lodge
Willowtail Springs