We hear that CA is getting snow — so there is hope that it will find its way to CO. Forecasters have said this will be another year of drought, which makes the winter sports enthusiasts unhappy — and the same goes for the ranchers and farmers.

Bring your hiking boots –and you can rent skis!  Bicycles are a big deal in the county — and with the drought, it looks like folks can keep on riding!

This week Mesa Verde holds its annual winter open house on Dec. 6.  Drop in if you are in the area for a night time view of Spruce Tree House and Christmas music.

Each local community is promoting a “Shop Local” campaign, with Durango’s Noel Night this weekend.  The Durango train continues to operate through the winter with the Polar Express and trips to Cascade Village (rather than Silverton).  Dolores plans to light up the town for Christmas, and leave many of the lights on throughout the year.  It is a quaint town north of Cortez on the Dolores River at McPhee Lake; the light show should be a nice touch for the community.

Whether there is snow or not — we hope to see you in Mancos this winter.  Willowtail Springs and Sundance Bear are open all year and the rates are super in this slower season!

Sundance Bear Lodge
Willowtail Springs